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Baby Boomers Have Largest Home Equity, Study Finds

Jan Jordan Blog : Reverse Mortgage Loveland Fort Collins Greeley Longmont ColoradoAlthough Zillow’s Negative Equity Report for the second quarter of 2014 may have some negative numbers (for instance there are more than 8.7 million homeowners with a mortgage still remaining underwater), there are a few highlights to mention.  


First, while approximately 18.7 percent of Generation X homeowners are underwater on their mortgage only 10.9 percent of Baby Boomers are underwater.   In addition, the national negative equity rate continued to decline falling to 17%, down an incredible 14.4 percentage points from it’s peak in 2012. Negative equity has fallen for nine consecutive quarters as home values have risen.  This number is expected to fall to 14.9% within the next year.  


For baby boomers looking to incorporate a reverse mortgage into their retirement strategy this is very positive news.  As retirement planners are working with seniors to develop long term plans to help ensure retirees do not run out of money during their often decades long retirement years, a reverse mortgage line of credit is being considered as a part of  the strategy.  Since retirees can not only use a reverse mortgage as a line of credit, but also live mortgage payment free, it’s a fantastic option when utilized in a timely and appropriate fashion.


On the other hand, for baby boomers looking to relocate, downsize, or purchase their dream home once they hit retirement, a reverse mortgage for purchase is a very viable option.  And with lower negative equity rates across the nation, it is easier to make transitions like this.  Not only do the positive housing numbers point to faster sells, but also with nearly 90% of baby boomers having neutral or positive equity in their homes, it means increasingly larger down payments if they are wishing to use all or some of those funds for a reverse mortgage for purchase.


Traditional Reverse Mortgages and Reverse Mortgage for Purchase are available to seniors 62 and over regardless of income or credit.  The funds can be received via fixed monthly payments, a one-time lump sum payment, a line of credit – (or a combination of the above), or the purchase option.  There are no limitations as to how the borrower can spend the funds.  And with retirees living more active and adventurous lives, the more creative, the better!


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