Prior to being approved for a reverse mortgage, HUD’s Federal Housing Administration (FHA) requires each borrow to participate in a counseling session with an approved agency. These not-for-profit agencies are funded by the federal government and work closely with both the FHA and lenders to ensure a smooth process.

reverse mortgage colorado fort collins loveland greeleyThe goal of this session is not to steer a potential borrower in one direction or another, but to make sure they clearly understand all aspects of a reverse mortgage.

Please take a few minutes to read through the following booklets in preparations for your Reverse Mortgage counseling:

“Preparing for Counseling” booklet

“Stay at Home” booklet

5 thoughts on “Counseling

  1. Jan,

    We are not finding the “Using Your Home to Stay at Home” brochure under “Counseling” tab. Where do we find this.?

  2. My name is Henry Gray. I request information and instructions to execute an in lieu of or short sale germane to my Reverse Mortgage at 1544 County Rd 112 Carbondale CO 81623.
    My wife and I find it necessary to move to Florida to become closer to family members because I am terminally ill, and My wife recently received a prognosis that her liver is failing, and possibly needs a liver transplant. My condition renders me disabled.
    I placed the above property for sale with a realtor earlier this year. We failed to sell the home.
    The property we intend to purchase in Vero Beach shall become available in February or March of 2020.
    Please assist with facilitating this endeavor for us ASAP. We both are retired and cannot afford to maintain 2 residences on a fixed income under the present circumstances.

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