USA Today: Retirement In The Time Of Coronavirus

reverse mortgage loveland fort collins greeley longmont westminster coloradoFor most people, achieving a comfortable retirement is a tricky business. The past few weeks have added to the challenges as the world has changed as much as in any period since WWII. The world is now fighting the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19, as well as the measures taken to slow the spread of the disease, have caused financial and health crises worldwide and have especially affected those who are older than 60. This has made financial and other life decisions for seniors and those planning for retirement infinitely more complicated than they were just two months ago.

24/7 Wall St. looked at the challenges and opportunities people should consider as they move into retirement, particularly at a time of great upheaval and insecurity. This piece is intended to help those who are facing retirement today make choices to best secure their future as the economy collapses to a level last matched at the end of The Great Depression.

In this USA Today article you will find information about 401k contributions, IRAs, Social Security, Reverse Mortgage, downsizing, debt and fixed incomes, and more.   Read the entire article here:

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