Reverse Mortgage Questions Answered for Adult Children

Reverse Mortgage Colorado Fort Collins Loveland Berthoud Greeley WindsorAs your parents age, their needs will inevitably change. And as they change, your need to consider options with them will increase. While these conversations may be the first of their kind, it will also be a chance to offer support. Reverse mortgage could be a viable option to meet everyone’s wishes, especially your parents.


Concerns will arise. Here is a brief answer to some of them.  For more in depth answers, feel free to contact me.


• If my parents and I decide to repay the reverse mortgage loan, what happens to the equity in the home?


There are two options at this point. The first is a decision by your parents to sell the home and use the money received to pay off the reverse mortgage. The second is to keep the home and choose another way to pay the balance due on the loan. In both options, the borrowers will keep the equity that remains in the home.


• Will the home inheritance Mom and Dad have prepared for me and/or my siblings be used up?


They will be tapping into equity but their home may also be appreciating. If this is the case the appreciation will keep some equity in the home for you to receive upon their passing. This conversation with them will be the most meaningful. Oftentimes parents assume their children want an inheritance and create stress in their lives just so they leave as much as they can. Unspoken assumptions on both sides can leave everyone in the dark.  The needs of your parents, and the ability to support themselves without draining anyone else’s finances may outweigh what is received when they are gone.


They may need to know how you really feel about inheritance and your thinking about what it means to you is just as important.


• If my parents take a reverse mortgage out on their home, will it affect their retirement benefits?


This type of loan does not affect the benefits of Medicare or Social Security or other pensions, and additionally, the income is non-taxable. If your parents have other forms of assistance such as federal, state or Medicaid programs, a reputable reverse mortgage lender can help navigate this.


Reverse mortgage is an individualized, specialized loan for those 62 and older that allows seniors to tap into the equity of their home while living mortgage and loan payment free.  The funds can be accessed via a lump sum, line of credit, monthly installments, or even to purchase a home. If you are planning ahead let your specialist guide you creatively to suit your needs and desires.



Jan Jordan is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist serving the Fort Collins, Loveland, Greeley, Longmont, Boulder and other Front Range areas of Colorado. Contact Jan and learn if reverse mortgage is right for you.