How to Alleviate HELOC Payment Shock with Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Colorado Financial Planning
At the peak of the housing boom thousands of Loveland and Fort Collins homeowners tapped into their biggest asset – their home – and took out a home equity line of credit or a HELOC.  Many of these loans are set to amortize after 10 years, meaning these borrowers are about to see some serious payment shock as their loans readjust and their payments now include interest and principal.  The Office of Comptroller of the Currency estimates that 60% of all HELOC balances will start amortizing between 2014 and 2017, and resetting to higher payments could cause a jump in delinquencies.  In addition, analysts at Moody’s Investor Services are warning banks of impending losses, worrying this situation may prove problematic, just as payment adjustments during the 2008 housing crisis did.


For retirees already living on a fixed income, borrowers may scramble to make these adjustments fit into their budgets.  But homeowners 62 and over have another option – reverse mortgage.  With a reverse mortgage seniors have the ability to not only alleviate any impending HELOC payment shock but also live mortgage payment free throughout retirement – all with minimal income and credit requirements.  Once a homeowner has obtained a reverse mortgage, they are able to receive their funds in a one-time lump sum or as monthly payments made directly to them.


This scenario is also something to consider for homeowners currently considering a HELOC to make home repairs or improvements.  Considering the difference between a home equity loan and a reverse mortgage is important when developing a long term plan.  Learn more about HELOC vs Reverse Mortgage here.
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