Month: May 2016

Why Do Only 3% of Seniors Use a Reverse Mortgage to Purchase a Home?

Reverse Mortgage Loveland Fort Collins ColoradoWhy is it that only 2-3% of older Americans use the Reverse Mortgage for Purchase option to buy a home?  Recent studies show that even with the option available to them, they still seek traditional funding or opt to pay cash.  Why is that?  Well, surveys have shown there are three main reasons:


1.) No one told them they could use a reverse mortgage as a purchasing tool.  Unfortunately this happens far too often.  Real estate agents and lenders are either not aware of this option or are not educated enough to suggest it.  If you’re a senior considering purchasing a home, be sure to ask about using a reverse mortgage.  If you aren’t given proper information, contact a reverse mortgage expert such as myself.


2.) Real estate agents do not have enough knowledge to adequately educate the potential buyer about this option.  If you as a potential buyer find yourself in this situation, ask who you could talk to to learn more or seek out an expert yourself.


3.) The third reason seniors opt for traditional financing is the down payment required to use a reverse mortgage.  The down payment amount varies based on the price of the home, the age of the borrower, and current interest rates.


In order to apply for a Reverse Mortgage for Purchase loan, you must be age 62 or older (each borrower on title must meet this criteria, although others residing in home do not), the home you are purchasing must be your new primary residence, you must have your “required investment” (down payment) from a HUD allowable source.


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Are You Prepared to Take Care of Your Parents?

Reverse Mortgage Colorado Fort Collins LovelandThe cost of eldercare is staggering.  And so is the toll it takes on an adult child.  Are you prepared for either?  Or both?


A recent MetLife study estimated that the total cost incurred by the caregiver alone (not including the costs directly related to care) is an average of $324,044.  The financially impact can be similar to having children, but without the planning.  So, how can one prepare for this?  Here are a few suggestions:

1.) Talk with other siblings and relatives.  Have any of them considered this?  Do they have plans or ideas they haven’t shared?  Utilizing networks early on can help alleviate worry down the road.


2.) Talk with mom and dad.  Not always the easiest or most comfortable conversation to have, but a very important one nonetheless.  Find out what they want these upcoming years to look like, and what kind of long term care insurance, pensions, and home equity they may have.  Do they have a retirement planner that as factored any of this?


3.) Look into long term care options and weigh out the costs along with the pros and cons.  Although your parents are your parents, and you love them dearly, you may not be the best option as a caregiver among the many options available today.


4.) Consider a reverse mortgage.  The once frowned upon reverse mortgage program is now being utilized to brighten long term retirement scenarios.  This FHA insured loan not only eliminates mortgage payments but allows the borrower to access the equity in their home via monthly installments, a line of credit, or sometimes even a lump sum.  This is a great option for those wishing to age at home, as the loan does not come due until the last borrower passes away or leaves the home permanently.


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What Adult Children Need to Know about Reverse Mortgage

reverse mortgage colorado fort collins loveland greeleyAs your parents age, their needs will inevitably change. And as they change, your need to consider options with them will increase. While these conversations may be the first of their kind, it will also be a chance to offer support. Reverse mortgage could be a viable option to meet everyone’s wishes, especially your parents.


Concerns will arise. Here is a brief answer to some of them.  For more in depth answers, feel free to contact me.


• If my parents and I decide to repay the reverse mortgage loan, what happens to the equity in the home?


There are two options at this point. The first is a decision by your parents to sell the home and use the money received to pay off the reverse mortgage. The second is to keep the home and choose another way to pay the balance due on the loan. In both options, the borrowers will keep the equity that remains in the home.


• Will the home inheritance Mom and Dad have prepared for me and/or my siblings be used up?


They will be tapping into equity but their home may also be appreciating. If this is the case the appreciation will keep some equity in the home for you to receive upon their passing. This conversation with them will be the most meaningful. Oftentimes parents assume their children want an inheritance and create stress in their lives just so they leave as much as they can. Unspoken assumptions on both sides can leave everyone in the dark.  The needs of your parents, and the ability to support themselves without draining anyone else’s finances may outweigh what is received when they are gone.


They may need to know how you really feel about inheritance and your thinking about what it means to you is just as important.


• If my parents take a reverse mortgage out on their home, will it affect their retirement benefits?


This type of loan does not affect the benefits of Medicare or Social Security or other pensions, and additionally, the income is non-taxable. If your parents have other forms of assistance such as federal, state or Medicaid programs, a reputable reverse mortgage lender can help navigate this.


Reverse mortgage is an individualized, specialized loan for those 62 and older that allows seniors to tap into the equity of their home while living mortgage and loan payment free.  The funds can be accessed via a lump sum, line of credit, monthly installments, or even to purchase a home. If you are planning ahead let your specialist guide you creatively to suit your needs and desires.


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Credit Lines Magnify Every Month with a Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgage Colorado Financial PlanningWith the varieties of opinions about reverse mortgages out in the marketplace a question comes up, that is, ‘would a reverse mortgage be a fall back, last resort, or would it be a positive option for a financial plan?’ While the answer lies in the hands of the borrower, or owner, there are worthy considerations to take into account.


Some, including financial planners, might label those choosing a reverse mortgage as poor planners, those that did not take the time or effort to look long at their future needs and desires and work that into a plan. This mentality is changing fast though, as retirement experts are determining reverse mortgages can not only supplement the needs of some senior, they can offer them the retirement they always dreamed of.


There are many reasons to consider a reverse mortgage in a forward moving plan, making the choice before it might be the only option available (though this is not bad either.) First of all, many coming into retirement are ready to downsize or move. Maybe they raised their children in a two story house in Illinois, and now do not need five bedrooms, or to weather the cold when their children and families are in clement areas such as Georgia or South Carolina. A reverse mortgage makes this possible.


The amount a reverse mortgage can be reaches a defined limit, taking into account the equity of the present home and the age of the borrower(s.) This limit can be used in multiple ways, it can go towards that downsized home, be a line of credit, can cover monthly payments for the rest of their lives, or can even be a lump sum the borrower receives immediately.


There are also other typical reverse mortgage scenarios.


For instance, as well as one might plan, life offers us unexpected events. A reverse mortgage is a respectable option when a family is in distress, many foreclosures have been avoided with the solid help of a reverse mortgage. And sometimes, when a family is not even in distress, they wish to take advantage of all their hard work, which is there in the form of the home they own, and have liquid resources instead of just equity that cannot be utilized. The ways a reverse mortgage can be brought into the questions of a plan are as unique as the personal life situations existing.


For seniors 62 and older, a reverse mortgage can objectively be considered as an alternative revenue option. This takes away the stigma sometimes attached to it as a choice that was the only option left, a fall back when it is really a move forward.


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